We are the sacred mountain

We are the sacred mountain

We are the sacred mountain.

Yes we are, we are the sacred mountain. We are also the sacred plains, the sacred sky, the sacred waters, the sacred Earth. We are the sacred Universe, we are the sacred everything.

We are also everything else, we are the sacred telescopes, the sacred sciences the sacred people from all walks of life. The entire show here is sacred, there is nothing wrong, sacredness is the default state.

Empires rise and fall, cultures, beliefs, religions, species, entire civilizations but in the end, after all the struggle and endless conflict the entire Universe breathes The Sacred.

There are no boundaries to the sacred. There is no time to the sacred. There is no special place that is more sacred.

Everything is sacred.

When we become this, understand this, we as a species can rest, we can rest in the sacredness of all things.