For the Men

For the Men

For all fathers everywhere and for those who were fathered

we gather at dawn.
we know where
to stand.
side by side, still,
like rows of tall trees,
we turn to the light
that is spilling
around us,
and in the silence
there is honor.
under our boots the
dew dampens
the earth
and we hear in this
place the voices singing
of our fathers
and brothers,
and of those who
stood here before us.
with the rising
sun we step forward,
and there is
a laying down
of our hearts,
our lives,
our bodies,
our blood,
and without question,
without hesitation,
we do this,
we do this
because we understand
that we must.
look into a man’s eyes
and you will find
your hero,
listen to his
heart and you
will hear
him say,

“this is how I love you.”

Scott Lockhart

Fathers Day